Swiss Line: Collagen Balm Cleanser


A new cleansing and makeup removal ritual to replenish and soothe dry, mature skin. This is the ideal nourishing cleanser to be applied just before the companion Luxe-Lift Night Cream. It
can be safely used around the eye area to remove eye makeup. In cabin it offers an enrichment during the cleanse phase for drier skin.


Place a small amount of product into the palm and rub hands together gently to allow the balm to melt into a velvety texture. Use fingertips to massage it over dry skin, including the eye area. Once the makeup has melted away, using a face cloth, rinse well with lukewarm water and then blot dry. Continue the ritual by applying Cell Shock Facial Boosting Essence.

• Leaves the face clean and hydrated
• Provides soothing and replenishing benefits
• Recommended for dry, mature skin
• Ideal for anyone looking for intensified moisture and makeup removal

Marine Collagen: hydrolyzed collagen effectively moisturizes and delivers line-filling benefits.
Soy Proteins: they provide nutritive components essential for more mature skin to actively fight signs of aging.
Xpertmoist®: this molecular film, with a high moisturizing and regenerating effect, consists of aminoacids – proline, alanine, and serine – together with a bio-marine ferment of Pseudoal teromonas (a “good” bacteria).


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