Guinot: Hydrazone Fluid Cream


Guinot’s new Hydrazone Fluid Cream is a fresh, light moisturizer that absorbs quickly and hydrates intensely to keep skin glowing day and night. This face cream uses ingredients like mattifying powders and Zinc Gluconate to reduce the appearance of shine and create a velvety, matte finish. Without leaving a greasy residue, this cream keeps skin deeply moisturized all day


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Apply daily to the face and neck after cleansing thoroughly.

Hydrocyte Complex: Made from Hyaluronic Acid and contains active ingredients that can bind water to the skin and prevent it from evaporating, providing maximum hydration
Trace elements (Copper, Magnesium, Zinc): Revitalize the skin
Green Tea extract: Protects the skin

– Guinot’s Hydrocyte Complex,trace elements, and green tea extract revitalize the complexion, so the face never appears dehydrated and dull
– Packaged in a compact and easy spray, this mist is perfect for on-the-go use without smudging makeup, from the gym to the office to the beach


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