Guinot: Age Logic Eye Mask

4 Masks X 5.5ml

This new eye mask is especially developed for this fragile zone, targeting the dark circles and puffiness. The crow’s feet become minimized and smooth. 8 minutes after application, the eyes appear younger and less tired.


– Unfold mask
– Place the mask as close as possible to the eyelid and under the eye area, first one eye and then the other, taking care to avoid the eye
– Press gently so that the mask molds to the eyelid and under the eye area
– Leave on for 8 minutes
– Remove the mask and rub in the surplus serum with light effleurage around the eye contours and eyelids.
– Do not rinse.

ATP: stores and delivers essential energy to the vital functions of the cell
Actinergie: increases the oxygen consumption of the cells to boost their metabolism
Dermochlorella: boosts the microcirculation and helps drain the eyelid and under the eye area
Cellular Life Complex: promotes cell growth, renewal and longevity
Dynalift: lifts instantly

– Smoothes the wrinkles and lines and “lifts” the skin around the eyes
– Reduces puffiness
– Reduces dark circles