Swiss line: Formula X-O₂


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A flash activator bringing more oxygen and vitality to the core of each cell.

Transcending all collections, skin-types and any specific needs, Formula X-0₂ will benefit all other treatments and give the skin a boost of energy during periods of stress or low mood.


Apply the AM SERIES every morning over the face, neck and décolleté, and the PM SERIES every night over the face, neck and décolleté, replacing the usual face care serum(s). Follow with the usual moisturizer(s). Each ampoule will last approx. two weeks when applied to face, neck and décolleté; i.e. one box will offer a one-month cure cycle. Once the entire program is finalized, recommence the use of the usual face care serum(s). After 4 to 6 months, or whenever needed, another program may begin.

-Increases oxygen expression on the cellular level
-Speeds up cellular turnover (without any AHA-exfoliation effect)
-Pumps moisture into skin, plumping fine lines due to dehydration
-Brightens and refines grain

CELLACTEL 2 COMPLEX (both ampoules): Cell Shock’s proven signature complex helps to repair essential skin functions, increasing cellular oxygentation and regenerating the skin.

ATP + ALGAE & ALLANTOIN (HYDRA-OXYGEN AMPOULES): Naturally found in the body, ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is a molecule of cellular energy and intercellular exchange. In synergy with ATP, marine and plant-based extracts maintain mineral balance and ensure comfort all day long.

ARBUTIN + GLUTATHIONE & BIOTIN (BRIGHT-OXYGEN AMPOULES): A natural occurring phyto-chemical in bearberries, arbutin is well known for inhibiting tyrosinase and thus preventing excess melanin production. Glutathione offers intense overnight antioxidant repair-action while biotin (or vitamin H) helps in energy transfer.


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We recommend using the contents of opened ampoules within 48 hours.

1. Break the cap of the ampoule (reversed cap can be used to close again).

2. Pour into the palm of the hand (½ of ampoule will be enough per application) and apply to the face.

3. Use the Hydra-Oxygen formula in the morning and the Bright-Oxygen before bedtime; follow with usual products. Ampoules are applied after the toner and before the serum/cream.

4. For best results, use the four ampoules in consecutive days.

Sensitive skin might experience a minor sensation of tingling, due to activation effect.