Swiss Line: Never-Seen Sunscreen

This one-of-a-kind sunscreen absorbs quickly without leaving any residue or any white/grey cast. It’s a 2-in-1 product that can be used as sunscreen on top of any moisturizer, or alone, in case of combination to oily skin, as a lightweight moisturizer for the day. Truly invisible on al l skin tones, it allows an easy application of make-up. The formula is free of Oxybenzone, Octinoxate,
Homosalate and Octocrylene which are the chemical filters that are believed to be nasty to coral reefs. Vegan & fragrance-free.


Apply liberally over face, neck and décolleté, avoiding close contact with the eyes. This should be your last step of your morning skincare ritual. Reapply throughout the day, as needed, in case of intense exposure to the sun. Should you want to follow with the application of make-up, al low a few seconds for sunscreen to fully set, before applying make-up.

• Oil -free touch & invisible finish
• Contributes to strengthening the barrier function
• Brightens and regulates sebum without any drying effect
• Protects from UVA/UVB and blue l ight
• Offers antioxidant benefits
• Recommended for all skin types

Niacinamide< on top of known brightening and barrier supporting benefits, Niacinamide has already been found to be ef fective at repairing damage caused by UV stress. New research shows that it offers significant protection against the detrimental effect of blue light, shielding against damage to proteins and lipids caused by exposure to daytime visible l ight.
Arginine + Vitamin E Arginine contributes to restoring moisture and grants a velvet-dry touch to the surface. All amino acids are organic compounds that comprise proteins, and they are necessary for human life. In fact, amino acids like arginine are commonly referred to as “building blocks” in many tissues, including skin. Vitamin E is traditionally known in skincare as the “anti-dryness” vitamin. The combination of arginine and Vitamin E make this sunscreen ideal for all skin conditions.
Pomegranate Extract Offers antioxidant properties and inhibits environmental stressors. Pomegranates have an equally anti-inflammatory effect, largely given by high contents in Ellagic Acid and Resveratrol.