Swiss Line: Cell Shock White Daytime Brightening-Power Emulsion


The Cell Shock White Daytime Brightening-Power Emulsion is a light-to-medium textured moisturizer formulated to optimize its daytime performance while offering a remarkable optical correction for a brighter complexion from the very first application. Increased amounts of antioxidants and anti-pollution factors join the newly added HD-White Complex to offer a brighter complexion while safeguarding skin throughout the entire day, offering added protection against urban stress and environmental assault, known triggers for pigmentation disorders.


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To be applied in the morning, alone, or preferably after the CSW BRIGHTENING DIAMOND SERUM.
For optimum results, follow with an adapted UV protector, such as CSW BRIGHTENING BI-PHASE VEIL SPF 35 PA++, to complete treatment and shield the skin from future UV-induced damage.
Avoid the immediate eye area.
Apply all year around, alternating with CSW OVERNIGHT BRIGHTENING-POWER CREAM at night.

-Fights pigmentation disorders that lead to an uneven complexion
-Decreases skin inflammation induced by all forms of oxidation and urban stress for a stronger, healthier, resilient skin appearance
-Provides instant glow and smart optical correction for immediate flawless skin

CELLACTEL 2 WHITE COMPLEX: The signature CSW complex combines anti-aging cellular nutrients with a biomimetic peptide that corrects future pigmentation disorders at their origin, together with a botanical extract and vitamin C to lighten existing spots.
HD-WHITE COMPLEX: Consists of powerful whitening ingredients and antioxidants. Delivered via a SMART LIPOSOMAL COMPLEX (to prevent any breakdown before the ingredients reach their targeted pathways). ARBUTIN strongly inhibits tyrosine activity (the skin’s own key enzyme accelerating the pigmentation process). GLUTATHIONE offers high degrees of antioxidant action, directly targeted to melanin and melanocyte activity. ASCORBIC ACID + ASCORBYL PALMITATE boost the brightening effects of the overall formula with additional stabilized vitamin C.
ANTIOXIDANT DAYTIME COMPLEX: Plums (prunus domestica) are a natural source of vitamin C. The topical application of ellagic-rich ingredients is an innovative additional path to fight oxidation as this phytochemical shows remarkable benefits as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-glycation agent.
IRISH MOSS (red algae): Very high concentration of nutrients, namely iron, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, copper and calcium. Most of these trace elements are precursors of many of the skin’s own antioxidative mechanisms. Using Irish moss to provide a daily surge of such nutrients to the skin, results in augmented resilience against daily aggressors and environmental stress factors.


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