Swiss Line: Cell Shock White Brightening Overnight Power Cream


This intensive lightening night cream addresses nourishing and re-texturizing enzymatic factors while simultaneously delivering a brighter complexion thanks to the newly added HDWhite Complex. Formulated to respect and boosts the skin’s own night-time recovery abilities, this new generation richer-textured night cream grants maximum comfort without heaviness.


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To be applied in the evening, alone, or preferably after the CSW BRIGHTENING DIAMOND SERUM.
Avoid the immediate eye area.
Apply all year around alternating with the CSW DAYTIME BRIGHTENING-POWER EMULSION each morning.

-Quickly lightens the entire complexion and fades pigmentation spots
-Refines pores and works overnight for a more homogeneous surface texture
-Deeply hydrates the skin

CELLACTEL 2 WHITE COMPLEX: The signature CSW complex combines anti-aging cellular nutrients with a biomimetic peptide that corrects future pigmentation disorders at their origin, together with a botanical extract and vitamin C to lighten existing spots.
HD-WHITE COMPLEX: Consists of powerful whitening ingredients and antioxidants. Delivered via a SMART LIPOSOMAL COMPLEX (to prevent any breakdown before the ingredients reach their targeted pathways). ARBUTIN strongly inhibits tyrosine activity (the skin’s own key enzyme accelerating the pigmentation process). GLUTATHIONE offers high degrees of antioxidant action, directly targeted to melanin and melanocyte activity. ASCORBIC ACID + ASCORBYL PALMITATE boost the brightening effects of the overall formula with additional stabilized vitamin C.
ENZYME OVERNIGHT COMPLEX: The complex is comprised of lactoferrin, lipase, lactoperoxidase and glucose oxidase; these being protease and glucose enzymes (protein-digesting and sugar-reducing enzymes, respectively) that contribute to the refinement of pore size while, at the same time, reducing the color contrast of existing pigmentation spots (melanin-keratin clusters). This complex uses milk derivatives and the bacteria Bacillus subtilis, comprised of protease enzymes (protein-digesting enzymes), to help counteract the build-up of dead cells, while reducing the size of pores and the color contrast of existing pigmentation spots.


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