Swiss Line: Cell Shock Overnight “V” Mask

35ml + 30ml

Shape your face by sculpting the contours and lifting the skin. A two-part system including The Sculpting Patch-Mask and Lifting-Infusion-Mask. The Sculpting Patch-Mask drains and “slims” the facial contour areas. The Lifting-Infusion Mask acts like a “second-skin,” delivering facial transforming benefits throughout the night.


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The Overnight “V” Mask may be applied two to three times per week, for an intensive cure, or alternatively it can be used every night for as long as needed.

Cleanse and tone the skin as usual, and then use your usual serums and/or ampoules, eye care and neck care.
Use the Sculpting Patch-Mask roll-on applicator to roll the product on along the jaw line and under-chin areas as you apply a gentle pressure to the tube. Only a small amount of the product is needed as the gel forms a “patch” and there is no need to apply more than a very thin veil. Smooth the gel with the fingertips as needed to even-out the application.
For security during travelling, and also to keep the roller clean after each use, the tube has an ON/OFF lock system. It should be kept in the OFF position at all times and only switched ON for application and then switched OFF again after that.
Apply the Lifting Infusion-Mask over the entire face, neck and décolleté while making a soft draining massage as per the drawings below. When removing the mask from the jar use circular movements with your finger so as to “melt” and activate the second-skin film texture, thereby making the application of the mask even more enjoyable.

*The Overnight “V” Mask belongs to a new generation of masks which work while you sleep… it should not be tissued-off or rinsed-off like a common mask.

*If you feel the need to

-Sculpts and redesigns the oval “V” shape of the jawline and chin area
-Lifts and firms the entire face, neck and décolleté
-Deeply hydrates the skin and smoothes fine lines

Sculpting Patch-Mask

V-Slimming Complex: This powerful toning and slimming complex, comprised of two synergistic botanical extracts: gingko (Gingko biloba) and butcher broom (Ruscus aculeatus), activates microcirculation, helps stimulate tissue oxygenation and fight free-radicals, soothes the skin, and drains it to fight water retention.
Swiss Snow Algae: This rejuvenating and protective active ingredient utilizes the latest anti-aging strategy of caloric restriction. Various studies have established a link between lower calorie intake and lifespan extension. By mimicking the effects of a “diet” on the skin, the extract of Swiss snow algae offers the benefits without the discomfort!
Collagen Chrono-Portector: Preserving the integrity of collagen fibers, this polypeptide system limits the degree to which the collagen fibres become rigid. This is due to an anti-glycation effect that in turn preserves the elasticity and compactness of the tissues along the jaw line and under the chin.
Cellactel 2 Complex: Swiss line’s signature ingredient helps the skin cells breathe, preserve energy and metabolize more effectively, as it lifts and reduces lines and wrinkles.

Lifting Infusion-Mask

Hyaluron-Skin Film: This film is comprised of sodium hyaluronate and liquid crystals. The hyaluronic acid helps preserve the most important characteristics of youthful, healthy skin, such as suppleness, elasticity and tone. A ”second skin” is produced to mimic/recreate the natural skin barrier.
Cell Longevity Booster: Slowing down the expression of the senescence factors and limiting dermal degeneration, the Cell Longevity Booster has been shown to favor the synthesis of SIRT-1 proteins, involved in cell longevity. It significantly increases SIRT-1 proteins in controlled fibroblasts and restores them in senescent fibroblasts. In vivo studies have shown that the Cell Longevity Booster significantly reduces the total number, surface and length of wrinkles. 89% of test participants had a reduction in the wrinkled surface of the crow’s feet after 56 days of continued application.
Oligo-Catalyst Complex: Uniquely designed to respond to the nutritional needs of overtired, stressed skin, the Oligo-Catalyst Complex has the ability to stimulate cellular metabolism, boost the synthesis of intracellular ATP, and increase cell growth. It is an optimized association between a physiological vector (“transporter”) and molecules of sodium, magnesium, zinc and manganese.
Cellactel 2 Complex: Swiss line’s signature ingredient helps the skin cells breathe, preserve energy and metabolize more effectively, as it lifts and reduces lines and wrinkles.


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