Guinot: Pure Balance Mask


Mattifying and purifying treatment. This purifying mask targets oil secretion and minimizes breakouts, reducing shine in combination and oily skin types and increasing radiance. Pure Balance Mask opens up clogged pores through an exfoliating action and absorbs the oil with a mask.


Use once or twice a week; when applying, make light circular movements on the areas where oil tends to accumulate: forehead, nose and chin. After ten minutes, rinse with warm water, tone and blot dry.

– Shrinks dilated pores.
– Refines skin texture.
– Evens the complexion.
– Adds new sparkle.

Sebocidine Complex: antimicrobial which regulates oily secretions, purifies.
Mattifying Powders: absorb oil on skin surface and prevent shine.
Pumice Stone: removes dead cells and impurities