Guinot: Protective Face Cream


Formulated for very delicate or sensitized skin, this cream soothes irritation and repairs the skin. Particularly effective after sun or wind burn.


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Apply morning and/or evening onto the face and neck. May be applied alone or on your usual cream.

*May be used as a one month cure.

Omega 6: an Essential Fatty Acid (necessary for proper functioning of the hydro-lipid skin barrier).
Phytoprotectol: soothes.
Avocado extract: protects and soothes.
Hydrastructurine: moisturizes.
Shea butter: nourishes.

-Defends: isolates skins surface from the harmful effects of the environment
-Comforts: soothes the epidermis and protects reactive skin
-Moisturizes the upper layers of the epidermis
-Omega 6 essential fatty acids reinforce the skins protective film
-Gives the skin comfort
-Restores skins natural glow


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