Guinot: Longue Vie + Serum


A “Perfusion of Youth” to the heart of the cells. This youth-renewing serum lifts, tones and regenerates the skin. It also aids in healing of devitalized skin. Containing 56 Cellular Life activators, Serum Longue Vie activates vital functions for a younger-looking face.


Apply over the face under your usual cream, morning and evening.

*Can be used as a one-month treatment to be renewed according to skin needs.

Cellular Life Complex with 56 Active Ingredients: supplies the elements required for cellular life and regeneration.
Biotechnological Complex, Replenishing Spheres: immediate lifting and toning effect.
Collalift: Anti-collagenase: increases skin elasticity and firmness by avoiding elastic fiber destruction.
Pentavitine: moisturizes the epidermis deep down.

-“Penetrates” youth activators and stimulates vital functions.
-Restores skin elasticity.


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