Swiss line: Age Intelligence Cellular Recovery 3D Hand Cream


This restorative hand cream can be compared to an “invisible glove”. It shields and protects the skin from harmful environmental elements, abrasions, irritants and minor burns often linked to premature aging. Additionally, it boosts cellular renewal and maximizes the skin’s own self repair mechanism, increasing moisture levels and elasticity, and making the skin look younger.

Skin Conditions:

  • For all customers concerned with aging hands, dryness or irritated skin, chapped skin and/or chapped cuticles, exposure to harsh environmental conditions or physically demanding tasks. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.


  • Protected and actively regenerated, the hands recover suppleness and maintain their elasticity.
  • Re-epithelialization occurs simultaneously as the damages stemming from daily life – abrasions, topical irritations, minor burns and extreme temperature exposure – are minimized or counteracted and the skin’s own repair capacity is maximized.
  • Cellactel 2 complex acts in synergy with all other ingredients to boost vital skin functions and increase cellular metabolism.


How to use:

Smooth a small amount onto clean dry hands. Massage from the back of the hands up to wrist paying particular attention to the nails and cuticles.


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