Swiss line: Cell Shock 360° Synchronized Time Reversal Program


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This one-month anti-aging ampoules cure program, consisting of an AM and PM series, improves firmness, reduces lines and wrinkles, re-establishes the perfect level of hydration, detoxes and maximizes vitality and radiance! It contains an innovative, new botanical ingredient – phytochelatins – to combat cellular toxicity, a major cause of aging skin.


Apply the AM SERIES every morning over the face, neck and décolleté, and the PM SERIES every night over the face, neck and décolleté, replacing the usual face care serum(s). Follow with the usual moisturizer(s). Each ampoule will last approx. two weeks when applied to face, neck and décolleté; i.e. one box will offer a one-month cure cycle. Once the entire program is finalized, recommence the use of the usual face care serum(s). After 4 to 6 months, or whenever needed, another program may begin.

-Anti-wrinkle, lifting and moisturizing
-Protects DNA and decreases glycation
-Contributes to a cellular “detox” effect against intrinsic and extrinsic toxic factors
-Stimulates microcirculation for increased oxygen supply and a bright complexion
-Acts as an antioxidant, due to the Edelweiss bio-extract
-Cellactel 2 Complex boosts vital skin functions and revitalizes cellular metabolism

AM CELLULAR CULTURE: unique culture is comprised of extracellular matrix (cell wall) of cultured flowering tobacco stem cells and a solution of black tea ferment and natural yeasts. It has shown in vitro to protect skin’s DNA, decreased glycation and promote increased “lipofilling”. These combined actions promote density and a significant reduction of skin’s micro-relief.

FLASH-LIFT COMPLEX: the complex is comprised of an optimized blend of a hydrolyzed polysaccharide together with acacia gum. It forms a mesh that retracts rapidly upon drying on the surface of the skin. The skin is lifted by this mechanical process immediately and for hours.

BIO-MIMETIC GROWTH FACTORS – FGF-β or FGF-2 (Fibroblast Growth Factor): selected for its broadest action on the skin. Besides its central role in the healing processes, FGF-2 stimulates cell multiplication as well as collagen and GAGs (glycosaminoglycans) synthesis.

CELLACTEL 2 COMPLEX: helps the skin cells breathe, preserve energy and metabolize more effectively as it lifts and reduces lines and wrinkles.


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